Cayman Islands Sessions, Volume II

Cayman Islands 2

Work Drugs is an indie pop band from Philadelphia, PA by way of the Florida Keys. Work Drugs makes music specifically for dancing, yachting, sexting, and living.

As a follow up to the first Cayman Islands Sessions, Work Drugs is releasing 10 new interpretations of classic Work Drugs singles. With help from fellow bandmate Nero Catalano and long time guest vocalist Rachel K Haines, new life has been infused into these tracks. From License to Drive to Digital Girl, this album is sure to satisfy your summer desires.


released 02 December 2014Fabian Brown – sax, flute
Nero Catalano – guitars, bass, vocals, percussion
Thomas Crystal -vocals
Rachel K Haines -vocals
Alex Keiper -vocals
Ben Louisiana – vocals
Jonas Oesterle – percussion

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