Tropic of Cancer / Tropic of Capricorn

Work Drugs is proud to present the (very) limited edition Tropic of Cancer / Tropic of Capricorn “smooth-Ps.” Each CD is handmade and only about 50 of each will ever exist. All proceeds will go towards helping us getting around the country in support of our upcoming April tour. Special discount if you happen to want both!

The “official” release date for Tropic of Cancer / Tropic of Capricorn is April 1st, 2011… but you will receive yours as soon as we start shipping! We will also take these down as soon as we reach the number we think we need for the tour.

Each CD features the next single “Curious Serge” and the rare B-side “Golden Sombrero.” Tropic of Cancer has the “Third Wave (Cayman Islands Sessions)” and Tropic of Capricorn has the “Rad Racer (Cayman Islands Sessions).”

Buy here…

Again, we can’t thank you enough for the support! As always… any questions… workdrugs AT gmail DOT com

Tom / Ben

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