Aurora Lies Pre-Order Details!

Head on over to the Merch Hut to pre-order the very very limited edition homemade CD version of Aurora Lies.  The pre-order comes with a digital download of the album a few days before the release date too!

Track Listing:

1. Flying Zambo

2. Blue Steel

3. Swimmer Girl

4. Patty (Smile)

5. Daddy Bear

6. Ice Wharf

7. Aurora Lies

8. Catalina Wine Mixer

9. Physical Acts

All songs by Benjamin Louisiana and Thomas Crystal

Mastered by Wally Bunting @ Relief Mastering

Bobby Cahn Records (C) 2011

Work, Drugs, Music ASCAP (C) 2011

1 thought on “Aurora Lies Pre-Order Details!”

  1. I was at the electric factory this past weekend when u opened for mgee and I thought you guys were fucking awesome. And the 4 people I was with all thought the same and none of us heard of you. Since then I have been researching you nonstop. And I’m a chef and been playing ur music through my phone in the kitchen and everyone thinks ur music is great. I wanna give you my respect and purchase your CDs, and I will!

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