Absolute Bearing

Work Drugs is happy to announce the release of our new album “Absolute Bearing” on Bobby Cahn Records this July.  Absolute Bearing is available for digital (or CD+digital) preorder through our website now!  100 handmade cds will be made for this release along with a free digital download of the album.  Preorders will be distributed in a first come/ first serve basis (these will sell out!!).  To preorder, check out our store…. https://workdrugs.wordpress.com/barter/



1. Perfect Storm

2. License to Drive

3. Pluto (Zero Gravity High)

4. Boogie Lights

5. Absolute Bearing

6. Council Bluffs

7. Coral Gables

8. Lisbon Teeth

9. The Art of Progress

10. Tourist Heart

P.S. – be sure to check out Work Drugs opening for Battles tomorrow (June12th) at the TLA

P.P.S. – check out Work Drugs at WXPN’s XPoNential Festival this summer!

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