Even When We Fall Away


Well the summer is over.  The kids are back to sailing college and the school boats are slowing down everyone’s commute.  Absolute Bearing has been released and people seem to be into it.  The Bon Iver remix has taken on a life of it’s own as well.

Thanks to everyone who came out and nearly sold out Johnny Brenda’s with us last Friday night.  We couldn’t ask for better fans and better openers like City Rain and Cold Fronts.  Unfortunately they are bringing some shitty weather to Philly as I tweet.  Oh well… I digress…


Just because summer is over, we aren’t slowing down this fall.  Here are a few things on the agenda.


1st)  –  Our Top 5 favorites of the License to Remix Contest have been decided.  After long deliberation we narrowed it down to our five favorite.  Out of all of those we decided that the Shaldeen remix was the most interesting take on the song that was submitted, while being true to the vibe of the song.  Our runner up was the Oiva remix that really added some new elements to the song.  The E39 Cool Summer Edit, Mads Brodin, and Vibes remixes finalized our favorites.  Thanks to everyone who participated!!!

2nd) –  We are super excited to announce that we will be opening for Electric Guest and NO at the TLA in Philadelphia on October 18th!  Tickets available HERE
3rd) –  We have been in talks with a few different record labels and we hope to finally bring you some physical releases of better quality than the CDRs at some point.  Maybe vinyl?  Who knows?  All we know is that we have 2 new “things” planned for the fall… label or not…  I think you’re going to be happy when you hear about them.


4)  Ben and I are headed to LA for the next week for some recording and much needed R&R.  If you know of any good shows or good places to watch the Eagles game this Sunday, please let us know.  Also, if you have an acoustic guitar and a Steinway grand maybe we’ll just stop by for an impromptu set?


5) Still no booking agent, but we’ve been in talks with a few as well.  We want to come play for you very soon.

Thanks for being the best.


Stay smooth!




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